Saturday, November 11, 2006


Welcome. This blog serves as a study guide for the Gospel of Luke. The aim is to draw attention to and make good sense of the details and pericopes unique to Luke's Gospel.

Providence Baptist Church in Pasadena, Tx, will be studying the Gospel of Luke from Christmans 2006 to Easter 2007. The material presented here is intended to suppliment that study. Audio copies of the messages from Providence will be available to anyone desiring them.

The time-stamp for each blog entry will not reflect the week for which that entry is designated. Instead, the appropriate date and selected text will be displayed at the top of each entry. Use the "Weekly Selections" section in the margin of the main page as a guide. Each selection is for one week's study. One may read the given selection prior to the date specified, allowing each Sunday to close out one's week in contemplative worship. Or one may begin reading the given selection on the date specified, allowing each Sunday to open up a new week of contemplative study. Application admonitions are included at end of each entry, written in bold print.

I have been researching Luke-Acts with my friend Richard Anderson for a few years now. He is awaiting publication of his book on Luke's Gospel, entitled In Search of Theophilus. The material presented here is the product of our research.

One final note: Though not essential to this study, I highly recommend accompanying your meditation with song. In particular, I recommend John Michael Talbot's work. He is a Fransiscan monk who has devoted himself to creating a rare musical style where folk meets liturgy, with full orchestration and choral accompaniment. There is a wonderful 2-disc edition of his greatest works, entitled The John Michael Talbot Collection: A Library of 35 Favorite Songs. Please consider purchasing a copy and meditating on the music with your studies.

Feel free to contact me via email: leedahn [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the Gospel of Luke.


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