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December 03, 2006
The Gospel of Luke

Who was Luke? Why did he write his Jesus story? And who was Theophilus?

There have been numerous answers to these questions throughout history. Tradition asserts that Luke was from Syria, that he was a physician; that he wrote to demonstrate God's plan to redeem the Gentiles; that Theophilus was a Roman statesman of some kind. It may seem as though answers to these questions really aren't important - indeed, even miss the point of Luke's Gospel: namely, that Jesus came, died and rose again to redeem mankind. This truth is not compromised by the efforts to answer the questions asked above. However, if we could know what Luke's agenda was, why he wrote his Gospel, and to whom he wrote it, we might better understand his perspective on telling of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. This study aims to make particular assertions regarding Luke's Gospel and the details unique to his version.

As you read through the entire Gospel this week, consider the effects those details unique to Luke have on his message. Familiarize yourself with Luke's Gospel, noting whatever of interest.


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